Maun Support Group Volunteers at Shelter Botswana.

The Maun based support have taken an initiative to further their community work. They have decided to volunteer at Shelter Botswana to plant healthy green vegetables for them. This initiative helps to feed the less privileged persons in Maun. It also helps to strengthen the relationship between the Maun Support group and the community.

Shelter Botswana has had a great impact in the Maun community.

Shelter Botswana has had a great impact in the Maun community.

Shelter Botswana Health Promotion is a home based care organisation serving HIV positive people and their extended families in the village of Maun. It operates in the health, education, environment and economic development sectors. Established on 4th July 2011, they have already begun to identify and service clients specifically terminally ill HIV/AIDS and TB Patients cared for and sanitary home environment. It is after witnessing the needs of the HIV positive population in Maun that the founder, George Zulu decided to establish his own organisation, which provides home-based care servicing to 25 HIV positive clients in Kubung, Bombadi, Thito and Borolong Wards.

This organisation also undertakes an environmentally friendly economic empowerment program: they provide tools for their clients to farm their own vegetables and also grow worms, which are sold to local fishermen. For this program, Shelter Botswana partners with Conservation Science Africa, who trains volunteers and clients on organic farming. It also partners with the Ron’s Fresh Produce, who purchases a great quantity of the vegetables produced by Shelter Botswana. Through this program, HIV positive clients are able to sustain their living, as well as eating healthier food.


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