A Call for Botswana LGBTI Stories!

LEGABIBO is embarking in an initiative to allow LGBTI person to tell their story. Stories about love, family, coming out/not coming out, friends, bullying, work experience etc; it could be about anything. These stories will be made into a series of documentaries and short films which will be screened at the Batho Ba Lorato film festival and across the region. It will also be used to aid in raising awareness and tackling stigma and discrimination.
Please note that the stories will be recorded on video or voice recorder – the option is yours. Discretion is taken very serious and if you do not want to identified but still want to tell your story it still is possible. We can hide your identity while you share your story.
If you have further questions or are interested in participating please do not hesitate to contact us, or call/text/WhatsApp LEGABIBO at +267 71 340 794/ +267 393 2517.

Our stories dubbed Dipolelo Tsa Rona!

Our stories dubbed Dipolelo Tsa Rona!

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