LEGABIBO hosts Media Dialogue

LEGABIBO today 12th January 2016, held a media seminar with members of the local media; they included bloggers, radio, print and television personnel. The main objective of this seminar was to educate the media on positive reporting on LGBTI issues in Botswana. Over the last couple of years there has been some negative media reports concerning the LGBTI. The media has the power to shape the mindset of the public and by reporting negatively about the LGBTI fuels stigma and homophobia in the society.

The seminar was aimed at highlighting that the LGBTI are more than their sexuality; being gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans*diverse. LGBTI are not defined by who they are attracted to but rather by the morals and values that they portray. Ones sexuality should never be used as an indicator to label a person. The participants were also taught about sexual orientation, practices and desires – which is a complex dynamic topic. But understanding the basics and the foundation was a good start and both parties will continue to build on to that.

The seminar further talked about the LEGABIBO registration court case which is set for hearing the Gaborone High Court of Appeal on Friday 15th January 2016. The Government of Botswana has filed an appeal against the judgment made in 2014 in which the government was ordered to allow the registration of LEGABIBO.




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