Petition to Prevent Hate Preacher Steven Anderson from setting up church in Botswana.

Petition to Reject Pastor Anderson and Garret Kirchway from entering Botswana to set up church.

The Faithful Word Baptist Church which originates from Arizona, United States led by Pastor Seven Anderson (pictured below) assisted by evangelist Garret Kirchway is going to launch its ministry on the 25th September 2016 and afterwards setting up a church in Gaborone, Botswana.

Pastor Anderson is infamous of 4 things:

  1. In April 2016, Steven Anderson praised the mass shooting of 49 people in Orlando, Florida USA, stating that there are “50 less pedophiles in the world”.
  1. Pastor Steven Anderson has also attacked women asserting that women should not: work, lead in church; be independent; vote; read books of their choice and dress how they want, emphasizing that “men shouldn’t be under the tyranny of women”. Link at
  1. In his 2014 sermon, Steven Anderson called for the “execution of gay people by stoning” before Christmas Day.
  1. Steven Anderson also spoke strongly against the use of prescription medication, suggesting that it is wrong and referring to Medical Doctors as sorcerers (Baloi).


These are the messages that Pastor Anderson is bringing to Botswana. He approves of terrorism, the action that the Government of Botswana condemned in response to the Orlando Massacre calling the action “…unprecedented terrorist attack”. Clearly the Pastor has no respect for humanity and his messages go against our democratic ideals that promote Botho; peace, respect for humanity, protection from discrimination and inhumane treatment. Pastor Anderson is a threat to these cherished ideals.

Pastor Anderson’s messages attack and demean women, seeing women as second class citizens, unequal to men, discrediting them as holistic beings who are workers, academics and leaders. The Pastor refers to women as “home keepers and not office keepers” and sees women who work as having loose morals. These assertions erase the achievements that the women’s movement in Botswana has made over the years.

By calling for the killing of gay people, Pastor Andersons’ messages are homophobic and condone violence against fellow human beings and a group that is already marginalized.

In addition, Pastor Anderson’s rejection of modern medicine is likely to discourage people from accessing health services. In Botswana, in particular we are already struggling with adherence to ART, therefore this messaging will negatively impact on the efforts already made by Government and CSO to ensure provision and access to HIV treatment.

Following this, the Key Population Coalition in Botswana – (KPC – comprising LEGABIBO, BONELA, Rainbow Identity Association, Men for Health and Gender Justice, Pilot Matambo Center for Men’s Health) – are calling on the Government of Botswana, Civil Society, Human Rights Lawyers, Religious communities and Batswana to protect, promote and defend human rights by rejecting the divisive and violent teachings of Pastor Steven Anderson and denying him entry into Botswana.

We specifically call upon the Church leadership to firmly condemn religious fanatics who use the Bible as a weapon to kill, spread hatred and oppress women.  We further call on the women’s movement to assert their stance in the protection of women’s rights and their democratic right to equality, education and employment.

We ask individuals, organizations and civic leaders to sign this petition as agreement that Pastor Anderson and his protégé Garret Kirchway should not be allowed to come into Botswana to spread hatred, homophobia, violence and sexism.

Sign  here to help stop Pastor Anderson from setting up church in Botswana.





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