By: @Tanlume Enyatseng

I HAVE A CONFESSION: I LOVE DORKS. And misfits. And weirdos.  All my crushes tend to be lanky, angst-y boys with great one-liners and a variety of mood disorders. Tortured geniuses are another weak spot for me. Show me a muscle-bound male model, and I will turn my head towards a bespectacled, skinny, and socially awkward boy instead. I’d take Clark Kent over Superman any day.

My first love was a total nerd. I was 14 years old and very impressed by his knowledge of conscious rap, his assortment of Bruce Lee memorabilia, and his extensive action-figure collection. The second guy that wasted my time had greasy, black dreads, a goatee and he possessed an unhealthy interest in biblical apocalypse theories. He could also quote lines from Home Alone at will.

As I got older, my friends were all into the good-looking jock types (you know, the ones who looked like they could lift you up with their one thumb), while I was swooning over boys who haunted the neighborhood bars of Gaborone west. My heart would leap into my mouth every time one of those effeminate, unassuming oddballs met my open-mouthed stare. My palms would break out in a sweat when one of them ventured timidly onto the dance floor, doing a self-conscious shuffle with his gangly limbs.

I tend to pine for boys who have the shy charm of Donald Glover, the wit of Woody Allen, and the looks of Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl (who, with his love of Rainer Maria Rilke and old Belgium films, won me over far more than blue-eyed jock Nate Archibald). After repeatedly watching 2001 cult classic Ghost World, I’ve come to the conclusion that I would definitely fall for Steve Buscemi in his role as hapless, obsessive, record-collecting loner Seymour. One of the most depressing geeks ever to light up the screen.

I prefer interesting conversation over toned biceps–there’s something very appealing about a man who can overcompensate in the brain department. And these guys don’t take you for granted: When you’re a little wimpy and dressed in a Microsoft T-shirt, you have to work harder at getting romantic attention. More especially in the increasingly image obsessed gay community. Looks alone won’t cut it, so perhaps their sweetness and computer literacy will. In the end, most of us just seem to want someone who can be self-deprecating, someone who knows his shit and isn’t hiding behind a clichéd macho front. Nerds are the lovable mavericks of an overbearingly masculine society that is driven by old-fashioned ideals. These Star Trek-loving, Spielberg-quoting, chunky spectacles-wearing guys are the true catches.




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