Pan Africa ILGA announces LEGABIBO as co-host of Pan Africa ILGA Regional Conference 2018 and unveils Conference theme.

PRESS RELEASE: Pan Africa ILGA announces LEGABIBO as co-host of Pan Africa ILGA Regional Conference 2018 and unveils Conference theme.

Pan Africa ILGA (PAI) is proud to announce the Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana (LEGABIBO) as the official co-host and partner of the 4th Pan Africa ILGA Regional Conference 2018.

As a registered member and long standing partner of PAI, LEGABIBO’s work in Botswana and their contribution to change the socio-legal discourse for LGBTI persons across the continent speaks for itself. The organization has achieved significant strides over the years, making it one of the most recognizable organisations in Southern African region. In recognition of this tremendous growth and capability, LEGABIBO stands out as eligible co-host of the PAI Regional Conference 2018, having had the majority vote during the PAI Regional Conference 2016 in Johannesburg South Africa.

The PAI conference will host over 200 delegates from across Africa and the world. It will be an opportunity for the world to see how Botswana is quickly becoming a progressive nation and an example in Africa and the world where LGBTI human rights are concerned. It is also a chance for the LGBTI community, the key population coalition and partner organisations to be in the forefront, leading and showcasing best practices in the protection and promotion of LGBTI human rights. Additionally, the conference will be a major boost for Botswana’s tourism industry and contribute to the blossoming economy as well as show-case the best of our diverse culture.

The regional conference will be held from 31 May 2018 – 5 June 2018, under the theme Empowering LGBTI Youth: Uniting for an Inclusive Future. The conference seeks to stimulate discussions toward empowerment, utilisation and the capacity of LGBTI youth, engaging on common regional strategies to achieve change in policies discriminating people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, exchanging best practices, sharing successes and opportunities for effective advocacy on the continent as well as receiving advocacy training on relevant regional and international human rights mechanisms, while acquiring tools to strengthen PAI in fulfilling its role as a regional LGBTI membership organization.

PAI and LEGABIBO look forward to successfully hosting the 4th Pan Africa ILGA Regional Conference, and continued support of member organisations, partners, donors, and activists across the globe.

For press comments and inquiries contact:
Kumkani Sivu Siwisa
Pan Africa ILGA Communications & Membership Officer
+27 76 617 8012

Bradley Fortuin
LEGABIBO Communications & Documentation Officer
+267 316 74 25


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