Mission & Objectives


Our Mission:

To build an independent non-partisan organisation that promotes the recognition, acceptance and equal protection of all human rights of the LGBTI community in Botswana.

Our Objectives:

  • to create a community that is educated and sensitized on LGBTI issues
  • to promote a non-discriminatory legal framework for the LGBTI community
  • to recognize same-sex relationships for the purpose of:
    • accessing social benefits
    • same-sex marriage and its benefits
    • child adoption
  • to create a safe space where the LGBTI community can interact
  • to empower the LGBTI community so as to advocate for their rights
  • to promote sexual health amongst the LGBTI community

We hope to participate in an international network of LGBTI organizations to be able to work together and gradually overcome the many obstacles homosexuals still encounter on a daily basis in their lives, not just in Botswana but elsewhere in the World.